Overnight Boarding

Overnight Pet Boarding

Our all-inclusive overnight pet boarding in Minneapolis is everything you and your pet desire! Whether you’re looking for overnight dog, cat or exotic pet boarding our comfortable and luxurious facilities, loving caregivers and expert customer service work hard to ensure that you and your pet have a wonderful experience.

Dog Cat Exotic Pets


We know that you only want the best for your favorite canine companions, especially when you leave them in someone else’s care! We’ve created a “home away from home” overnight dog boarding experience for our doggy guests. You can trust us to give your dog all the love and care he or she needs.

Included in Overnight Dog Boarding:

  • Unlimited playtime (6-7 hours per day on average)
  • One-on-one care
  • Nature walks
  • Swimming
  • Live Earth Cam
  • Customized dinnertime experience
  • Evening snacks & goodies
  • Extra bedtime potty around 9-10pm

Dog Boarding Prices:

  • Bear Path Suites: $50/Day
    • Second dog: $40/Day
    • Third dog: $20/Day
  • Clubhouse Suites: $45/Day
    • Second Dog: $35/Day
    • Third Dog: $18/Day
  • Wellness Center: $45/Day
    • Second Dog: $35/Day
    • Third Dog: $18/Day




While it’s called the Canine Club, we have plenty of room for other furry friends. We know that your cat probably has a very distinct personality, which is why we’ve taken the extra steps to make our overnight cat boarding experiences as personalized as possible! Your feline friends get as much social or quiet time as they like, and they’ll always feel like royalty.

Included in Overnight Cat Boarding:

  • Unlimited playtime in the Kitty Room
  • Private 2-Level Kitty Condos
  • Kitty litter
  • Litter boxes
  • Food & water dishes
  • Customized dinnertime experience
  • Free pet pickup & delivery

Cat Boarding Prices:

  • $23/Day
  • Second Cat: $18/Day



Exotic Pets

The Canine Club & Spa happily accepts pets with milder lifestyles, too! Iguanas, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more are welcome to be guests of our overnight boarding services. Exotic pets get their own living accommodations in a climate-controlled building and receive daily love and care.

Included In Exotic Pet Boarding:

  • Peaceful boarding environment in the front lobby of our Wellness Center, conveniently located next door to our Canine Club facility.
  • Climate controlled
  • Daily care for pet
    • Bedding change
    • Feeding
    • Daily brushing
  • “Out of cage” exercise time available upon request
  • Grooming services available upon request
    • Nail trim
    • Professional brush-out
    • Basic fur trimming


*Additional fee is charged for scheduled grooming services.

Exotic Pet Boarding Prices:

  • $8/Day per housing unit



Pet Parents, Please Provide:

  • Your pet’s regular food, pre-measured
  • Detailed instructions on food preparation & serving
  • Any medications your pet may need
  • Detailed document describing your pets ailment and dosages
  • Your pets favorite bedding


*Please keep medications separate from food to ensure the proper dosage is given at the proper time of day.

Pet Boarding Drop-Off Hours:

Monday-Friday: 6:30am – 7pm

Saturday: 8am – 6pm

Sunday: 10am – 6pm

*Drop off after 5pm will be a 1/2 day boarding charge

Late Departure Discount:

Before 12: No fee for the day

12 – 2pm: 25% of daily rate

2 – 4pm: 50% of daily rate


To make a reservation, please call 952-361-9663, or click the RSVP button below



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