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Karen A. Jackson


I have always had a passion for pets from my early days just growing up as a little girl, all the way through to the present time here at the Canine Club and Spa.  It was hard work and determination that has always helped me along the way . I first started building cat posts in my home and sold them to a local pet store in Appleton, Wisconsin.  This was the beginning of my dreams to always try to help support myself during tough times.


I also had a double paper route.  I would get up early before school and deliver the early edition newspaper, as I knew that money was important to be able to afford the things I needed to feel comfortable going to school .  I was very lucky to be given these opportunities at such a young age.


I graduated with my class and then shortly after knew I had to get a full time job. I volunteered at the local humane society with my mom, as she too had a passion for pets.


I also started working for a Pet Hotel, “Barkshire”, the first of its kind.  From there I knew this was the path I wanted to stay on.  I was memorized by the owner always working so hard and determined.  She took the time to show me how to groom, by assisting and holding her dogs steady while performing precision cuts on her beautiful show dogs.


From there I went on to be hired as a professional dog handler assistant in Peoria, Illinois.  Once again learning so many new breeds, caring for show dogs, feeding, medicating, and also grooming-continuing to lead me opportunities,  I could see the life style of a professional handler.  I started to show dogs professionally for my mom and friends it was wonderful and for filling experience, we often traveled to Minnesota and really felt at home here.


I then thought “wow, what a lovely state”, when I was 21 and started working as a pet groomer, knowing very little but always tried my very best to give the best work possible to new clients and their pets, I would roller-blade the fastest way to put signs on cars in shopping malls, and would then advertise “one free haircut” as I was just starting my very first business in Crystal Minnesota.


I took the grooming business very seriously, I lived in uptown and then heard a pet groomer was needed for a business in Lake of the Isles, I was fortunate again with hard work to own my very first business called “Isles Pet Grooming”.


The business grew and my clients also wanted to know if I would be willing to watch their pets while they went on vacation.  I did, and realized there was a big demand and very few pet hotels.  At that time I began looking for land and was invited to build a pet hotel located in Eden Prairie, I designed the Hound Dog Pet Hotel with the best knowledge and care also maintaining Isles pet grooming.


It was a success, at that point it was once again time to move on, then chose to stay in Minnesota.  My son Nate has always been a huge of my part of my decision making and truly felt this would best place to live.  I found a location in Chanhassen, and then was able start another company called The Canine Club and Spa.


My son Nate who has been working since the age of 10 answering phones and playing with the pets in our care.  We also have a rescue cat named Joey, who invites all of his friends to the kitty kingdom.  Our newest puppy named King, and my dear horse named Easy Grinder. The entire Canine Club team has always supported me as Nate was such a young boy, helping him and I get back and forth to school as I knew I had a large investment. We at the Canine Club hope to continue to give back to the community in many ways, by donating to supporting local schools, and volunteering at fundraisers. We have been very blessed and will continue to work and give the best quality care.



The Canine Club and Spa

Karen Jackson