• What should I bring with my pet?

    We encourage you to bring your pets favorite bedding, to help them feel more at home. Also be sure to bring along your pets food (pre-measured), feeding instructions, medications (if needed), and medication instructions.

  • What vaccinations or health tests does my pet need to have before staying at The Canine Club & Spa?

    Dogs need to have their annual distemper combo within one year, Rabies vaccination within 2 years, Bordetella vaccination, and their fecal test must be negative. Cats need to have the feline leukemia vaccination or a negative leukemia test, Rabies vaccination, and the feline Distemper combo.

  • Do you charge extra for administering medications?

    No we do not. We want to make sure that your pet is healthy and happy and don’t mind helping with medications if needed!

  • Do you require reservations?

    We appreciate daycare reservations made 24-48 hours in advance to ensure the comfort and safety of all of our guests.

  • What if my dog isn’t fully potty trained? Can I still enroll in daycare or overnight boarding?

    No problem! Our Wellness Center offers proper potty training as part of our all-inclusive service. Not only will you come back to a happy pet, but they’ll also be further along in their potty training!

  • Do you separate the big and little dogs?

    Yes we do! We have separate outdoor play yards and pools to ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere for your pet!

  • Do you offer pet adoption services?

    We do not offer regular pet adoption services. However, on occasion we may help one of our clients put out a notification about a pet in need of adoption. Check our news and event feed for special notices.

  • Is there anything special I should be prepared for when my pet returns home?

    At the Canine Club & Spa we provide superior care and personalized attention to all of our guests so that you can have complete peace of mind while your pet is staying with us. However, any time pets are away from home, they may feel or exhibit signs of stress.